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Learning Programmes for Gambling Harm Minimisation

The availability of specialist problem gambling papers to assist the problem gambling treatment workforce in NZ to develop its knowledge and skills, to meet professional body requirements for registration, and to obtain recognised qualifications for employment and career opportunities is restricted. In the recent period, two tertiary papers (Auckland University and WelTec) have been discontinued, while overseas papers available online have their own barriers, with professional entry requirements linked to registration/practice for their country, and are very costly, or are not available online. Within New Zealand, some ‘gambling’ papers remain part of a larger diploma or degree qualification and/or may not be available online.

Institution Course Description Entry

Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec; NZ)

Bachelor of Addiction Studies

This degree is provided at Wellington & Auckland.

3 years full-time (part-time options). In year 3, within the course, is a specific gambling paper, AS7331 Gambling and Other Impulse Control Disorders (Compulsory, credit: 15).

Previously, HV4349 Certificate in Gambling & Impulse Control Disorders was being provided but this has been discontinued.

(Degree) NCEA Level 3, including:

  • Three subjects from the NZQA Approved Subjects list at Level 3, made up of 14 credits each
  • Literacy – 10 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of 5 credits in reading and 5 credits in writing
  • Numeracy – 10 credits at Level 1 or above
  • Interview – to assess suitability for the programme
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Two personal referees
  • Personal statement and health declaration
  • Police check (completed annually)
Institution Course Description Entry

Auckland University (NZ)

Post-graduate certificate: POPLHLTH 774 Addictive Consumptions & Public Health.

This paper ‘focuses on the extensive health impacts of addictive consumptions, particularly in relation to the legalised consumptions of tobacco, alcohol and gambling. Outlines applications of public health principles for reducing harm from these consumptions. Critically examines the role of corporate industrial complexes in promoting these consumptions and in preventing policy and legislative reforms’.

Previously, POPLPRAC 709 Gambling & Health was offered in alternative years, however, this course was last offered in 2015 and the University has advised that this paper ‘is no longer in the Calendar or on the list of offered courses’.

Apply for requirements for enrolment Pre-requisite is POPLPRAC 709, Evidence for Best Practice.

Institution Course Description Entry

AUT University (NZ)

Papers 567531 Presenting Populations in Gambling and 567534 Gambling Studies.

Papers offered on campus at Auckland, or online.

Paper 567531: Identifies at-risk populations for gambling, harm minimisation as an approach, strategies to prevent and reduce gambling harm, risk presented by different gambling modes, and the impact of technology on gambling harm currently and in the future.

Paper 567534: Examines the biological, social, psychological, cultural and political components of gambling and problem gambling. Considers a range of intervention and treatment approaches, including public health perspectives, used to address problem gambling.

These papers may be taken as part of the Graduate Certificate or Diploma in Addictions, or as a stand-alone paper as part of professional development in the field of gambling treatment or prevention. Both Campus and Distance options are offered.

May be taken in association with the following qualifications: Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Health Science, Graduate Diploma in Health Science, Bachelor of Health Science.

A bachelor's degree OR relevant professional qualification or experience approved by the Dean (or representative) to be equivalent to a bachelor's degree.

An applicant seeking admission solely on the basis of their professional experience must have worked a minimum of three years in addictions or a related field and provide evidence of their ability to study at level 7.

English language requirements.

Gambling papers have no pre-requisites.

Institution Course Description Entry

Monash University (Australia)

M6014 Master of Addictive Behaviours.

Elective: ASC 5010 Gambling or Process Addictions.

Available online (Clayton); part-time 3 year course.

The Master of Addictive Behaviours is offered in partnership with Turning Point, a drug and alcohol treatment and research centre. The course will provide ‘a comprehensive overview of addiction science, policy and practice. It is a multidisciplinary, modular course that is delivered online but which retains a strong interactive and dynamic focus. Covering contemporary concerns such as problem drinking and gambling, and misuse of prescribed and illicit drugs, the course is delivered by a team of national and international experts from Monash University, Turning Point and other leading universities’.

No prerequisite papers.

Institution Course Description Entry

Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario; Centre for Addiction and mental Health (CAMH; Canada)

Problem Gambling: Early Intervention Makes a Difference: a course for helping professionals

This is not a tertiary qualification

Free self-directed 90 minute course (register online) covering nature/scope of problem gambling in Ontario, screening for problem gambling, evidence-based treatment options, key resources for education and referral.

February 2017