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Training for Health and Social Services
Training Dates / Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Enrolments now open:

JULY 2023



Cost: $230 + GST per day
Time: 9.30am to 4:00pm both days
Venue: 154 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021 (entrance off Jessel St)

  • DAPAANZ points are applicable for DAPAANZ members (15 points per day)
  • Resource materials supplied
  • Morning and afternoon tea provided
  • Attend one or both days

Trainer: Mike Goulding
Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Counsellor & Supervisor M.HSc (Otago), RPN, PG Dip HSc, CCPC, Cert. Addictions

Mike originally a trained psychiatric nurse, has counselled, managed and trained in addictions since 1985. With interests in clinical supervision, stopping violence and de-escalation issues, and motivational interviewing, he has applied these to his work with practitioners and in training situations.

“This training is fantastic for working with clients who say they want their lives to be better, yet are stuck…”

“I now have the tools to work with resistance rather than against resistance…”

Enquires and registrations:
Please email Keryn Lovie-Tyler office@acts.co.nz

Please download and complete a registration form and RSVP by 30 June 2023.

Cancellation and amendment fees: For less than 7 days notice no refund is given.

Download Flier [ ABACUS-MI-July-2023-FLIER.pdf ]

Download Registration Form [ ABACUS-MI-July-2023-REGISTER.docx ]


Motivational Interviewing Training

Motivational interviewing is a conversation style that is useful for clients that present with ambivalence around behaviour change. Sometimes clients tell us their goal is to do or be something different, yet their behaviour stays the same (e.g., alcohol misuse, drug misuse, diet, exercise, procrastination). A motivational interviewing approach avoids argument, resistance or defensiveness and can be integrated into your current style of having conversations with clients.

  • Have you ever tried to assist someone towards helpful or constructive change, only to come away thinking that they “aren’t ready”, don’t think there is a problem, or just end up arguing with you and carry on with the same destructive or unhelpful behaviour?
  • Motivational Interviewing is more than just a type of therapy or something that only counselling professionals use. It is a style and approach that once integrated, is extremely useful and effective when working with people who may not yet be fully aware of their problematic behaviour or who may still be ambivalent towards change.
  • Did you know that when someone is arguing with you against change, it may not be because they don’t want to change, but what they need is for you to change your approach?
  • Motivational Interviewing can be used in a wide range of everyday situations to produce positive outcomes.

Abacus has developed a range of brief programmes, for those who have no prior knowledge and want a brief introduction, right through to those who have knowledge and experience, and want more in-depth, advanced training. Each training programme is targeted to the level of the participants, working in an interactive way with powerpoint information, and including opportunities to practice and integrate skills. More advanced programmes include trainers’ modelling and role-plays, and provide feedback and coaching to participants, to guide more advanced skills development.

These programmes will assist staff members to ascertain levels of motivation and readiness for change, and equip them with the skills to work effectively with people to achieve desired outcomes for progress toward their goals. They will also find that these skills have wide application for any purpose that involves improving motivation and encouraging positive change.

Two-day Training Progamme Highlights

INTRODUCTION content – this interactive one-day course will cover:

  • Motivation, ambivalence and change
  • What is MI and how does it work?
  • The spirit of MI
  • How MI works with (and complements) other concepts and therapies
  • Communication and Interaction skills used throughout MI (OARS)
  • Opportunities to practice skills and work with other participants

INTRODUCTION expected outcomes – at the conclusion of this one-day MI introductory course you will have:

  • An understanding of the underlying theory of MI
  • An understanding of how MI is strength-based, strategic, and honours client autonomy (improves retention and outcomes)
  • Knowledge of basic MI processes and communication tools
  • An awareness of how to use MI in your client work (and other settings)
  • Practiced interventions with other participants using MI
  • A grounding in MI that prepares for more intensive MI learning and approaches

INTERMEDIATE content – this interactive one-day course will cover:

  • MI quick review of principles and techniques (all on the ‘same page’)
  • Video demonstration of MI in practice (critique and discussion)
  • The four processes of MI
  • Creating focus
  • Responding to ‘sustain talk’ and discord
  • Other useful strategies used in MI
  • ‘Change talk’/responding to change talk
  • Opportunities to practice skills and work with other participants

INTERMEDIATE expected outcomes – at the conclusion of this one-day MI Intermediate course you will have:

  • An opportunity to observe the practice of MI in a video demonstration
  • More understanding of, and confidence in using MI with clients
  • Knowledge of, and opportunity to use a range of additional MI tools and techniques
  • Understanding of how to listen for, and respond to, ‘change talk’
  • Some tools to use when working with ‘sustain talk’ and discord
  • Practiced interventions in scenarios with other participants using MI


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154 Richmond Road
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Auckland 1021

Phone 09 360 6957