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ABACUS, a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) provider of services, a nation-wide provider of Professional Supervision for the workplace.
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Professional Supervision for Individuals, Businesses and Organisations

Abacus is a national provider of professional supervision, with highly qualified and experienced supervisors available in all regions of New Zealand. Organisations that are nationally based can receive added benefits from Abacus, as a single provider of professional supervision. These include:

  • Abacus provides a single point of contact to minimise client organisations’ overheads, costs and management resources needed for this purpose.
  • Abacus has a network of experienced professional supervisors based in all regions of New Zealand, with resources to address additional needs in any region.
  • Abacus principals are themselves highly qualified professional supervisors who maintain a close relationship with both supervisors and client organisations to ensure that the specific outcomes desired by organisations are attained.
  • As a single provider of professional supervision, Abacus can provide an overview of national trends and issues to client organisations that can address emerging issues, and identify outcomes of the effects of new strategies on staff.
  • Abacus principals have, and professional supervisors are chosen for their skills and knowledge of addiction issues. They are also health professionals with ability to identify stress and fatigue issues that arise and may assist organisations to address their obligations under the Health & Safety in Employment Act through an alert process that involves early notification and management of these issues.
  • Abacus has on-line state-of-the-art information and reporting databases that are able to be accessed "real-time" by client organisations to identify staff attendances, appointments, trends, important information and personal details of supervisors. Monthly reports can refer to specific detailed data available to client organisations to assist with their strategic planning and to optimise effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.
  • Ongoing training of professional supervisors to ensure specific needs of client organisations are incorporated into professional supervision goals.

Abacus can provide professional supervision services to the highest standards that meet its obligations as an NZQA registered organisation. These include confidentiality, real-time information on professional supervision compliance, and an effective process to identify and address stress and fatigue issues before these progress into breaches of the organisation’s Health & Safety in Employment obligations.

For both larger organisations and smaller businesses, Abacus can provide professional supervision to key personnel either individually, or in groups, to assist them to reflect on their business practices, develop their roles in line with performance objectives, and assist them to resolve stress and conflict at all levels with workplace situations and relationships.


If you would like to discuss professional supervision please email or phone our Head Office.

Head Office
8 Pompallier Terrace,
Ponsonby, Auckland 1011

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