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Abacus Counselling and Training Services Course Information for Learners

Self-Review Report Code of Practice
The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary & International Learners) Code of Practice 2021

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You are encouraged to read the following information to become acquainted with important details associated with taking an ABACUS training course.

Support Service

  • ABACUS training staff will be available to learners before, during and after their courses for information and appropriate support regarding their courses.
  • ABACUS training staff will undertake to provide all appropriate information to learners in order to facilitate the completion of courses, including the availability of ABACUS Policy Manuals.
  • ABACUS staff will also be available to learners as a resource to a community resource if a need for this has been identified as a result of attending an ABACUS course.

Rules and Regulations


  • There are no exclusion criteria and every effort will be made to meet individual requirements of learners.
  • All ABACUS courses are short courses and as such have no entry requirements and therefore recognition of prior learning or current competency is not required.
  • All learners who complete an ABACUS short course will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. Competency in respect of the content of the course will not be assessed or certificated.


  • Learners are requested to be respectful of all fellow learners in order to facilitate the completion of their courses.
  • Learners/organisations are responsible for timely notification to ABACUS in the event of inability to participate in training as contracted.
  • ABACUS Training Services aims to keep learners informed about all aspects of course regulations and their rights and options in regard to the fee structure.

Disciplinary Procedures

  • All ABACUS courses are short courses and as such learners will not be subject to any formal disciplinary procedure involving written warnings.
  • Behaviour by a learner that results in major disruption for other learners may be requested to leave and a certificate of completion will not be issued for that person for that course.

Complaint Procedures

  • ABACUS is committed to providing a high quality service; therefore, we welcome and appreciate feedback from learners using our services. Feedback provides a vehicle for a continuous quality improvement in ABACUS Services.
  • All learners using ABACUS Services have the right to visible and accessible information about how to make a complaint and the procedures should they do so. ABACUS Policy Manuals can be made available on request.
  • ABACUS Services are committed to investigating all complaints thoroughly and speedily.
  • Complaints may be received verbally or in writing. Please refer to ABACUS Complaints Policy for written procedures.
  • All complaints are to be treated confidentially.
  • All investigations into complaints received will take into account the rights of the complainant and any staff about whom the complaint involves.
  • Where appropriate, verbal complaints will be dealt with at source, however if unable to be resolved, the complainant must be given the option of taking the issue further with the Manager of the Service and/or the Directors.
  • ABACUS Directors are responsible for overseeing the Complaints Policy for ABACUS Services. Managers and/or Directors are responsible for investigating the complaint, providing a written response to the complainant, and following resolution of the complaint, ensuring a review of the incident assists in minimising and/or preventing a repeat incidence.
  • As ABACUS is NZQA registered, if the complaint proceedings with ABACUS do not resolve the matter, the complainant then has the right to take up the complaint further with NZQA. NZQA complaints procedure can be found on www.nzqa.govt.nz

Health and Safety Requirements

  • Abacus may not have full control of a place a training course is being offered. If so, any other person who does control the place, such as the building owner or landlord, will be responsible for the health and safety of the people in or near it.
  • ABACUS staff is required to report any work-related accident or incident, no matter how minor, to their Manager or Directors who will then record the accident/incident. There is a legal requirement for all accidents to be reported and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
  • For safety reasons it is important that all accidents are reported. This will ensure that action can be taken to correct the cause of an accident, if necessary.

ABACUS staff:

  • Are required to observe and practice safe work methods.
  • Will immediately report any unsafe work conditions to the appropriate Manager.
  • Will take steps to remedy any unsafe situation as quickly as possible and advise the appropriate Manager of the steps taken.


  • Any intentional acts by a learner may be pursued as appropriate by ABACUS management.

Thank you for taking the time to read these details and if you wish to discuss any of these points further please speak to an ABACUS representative.


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