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COGS – Concerned Others Gambling Screen (Mk 2 – online version)

Sometimes someone else’s gambling can affect the health and well-being of others who may be concerned. The gambling behaviour is often hidden and unexpected, while its effects can be confusing, stressful and long-lasting.

To help us identify if this is affecting your own well-being could you answer the questions below to the best of your ability.

1. Do you think you have ever been affected by someone else’s gambling?
I don’t know for sure if their gambling affected me
Yes, in the past
Yes, that’s happening to me now
2. How would you describe the effect of that person’s gambling on you now? (choose one or more if they apply to you)
It doesn’t affect me anymore
I worry about it sometimes
It is affecting my health
It is hard to talk with anyone about it
I am concerned about my or my family’s safety
I’m still paying for it financially
3. What would you like to happen?
Nothing at this stage
I would like some information
I would like to talk about it in confidence with someone
I would like some support or help

Printable version of this screen is available here in Acrobat PDF format.

COGS (Concerned Others’ Gambling Screen) developed by Dr Sean Sullivan, ABACUS Counselling, Training & Supervision Ltd